Magnetische Pruefanlagen GmbH

Magnetische Pruefanlagen GmbH is a successful subsidiary of the globally operating FOERSTER Group, based in Reutlingen, Germany. Our measuring and test instruments are among the market leaders in the field of non-destructive material testing of safety-relevant components. They are used in particular in the automotive and aerospace industries. Based on the eddy current principle, material defects are detected and material parameters measured. Our customers and we place the highest demands on the quality and user-friendliness of our instruments. Another business field of MP is non-destructive material testing in the chemical industry, with a focus on reformer tube testing. Our specialists are deployed worldwide for this purpose.


Magnetische Pruefanlagen GmbH is part of the FOERSTER Group.

Magnetische Pruefanlagen GmbH

In Laisen 65
72766 Reutlingen

t +49 7121 1099 0
f +49 7121 470 370