STATOGRAPH® product family

The STATOGRAPH product family is used for testing surface cracks with the help of eddy current scanning coils. The units use both fixed and movable probes. The fixed scanning coil scans the surface or sections of a rotating test piece, for instance. The intermittently operating eddy current probe only detects a very small part of the entire surface at any one moment. A minor material defect already produces a large disturbance in proportion to the narrow surface segment scanned by the probe.


The probe therefore indicates even minute material defects with ultimate resolution. The probe of the rotating sensor system moves in a circle and at a high rotational speed close to the surface of the test piece, which is moved longitudinally, and scans it.

STATOGRAPH ECM (CE) is the crack testing core module testing and suitable as an entry level unit. STATOGRAPH DS is an eddy current testing system with digital system technology for automatic, high resolution, online defect testing.