Internal tube inspection

Internal Laser Measurement with Multi Laser Device and Eddy Current

A sophisticated inspection device has been developed by MP and is available for use. It has proven to be rugged and reliable in actual critical field service. A powerful laser unit allows measurement of the tube ID with a high level of accuracy and Eddy Current probes scan the wall from the ID for cracking over the full circumference of the tube.

The ID based Eddy Current probes can help to gather critical data on tubes and tube areas that may not be accessible from the OD due to bowing, inadequate space between tubes or areas below or above refractory boundaries at the floor or roof (arch) respectively.

The ID laser measurement can be taken from above the roof down to the catalyst support grid. Since the tubes are ID machined, these readings are more easily interpreted for creep growth when previous data is not available. The system uses eight lasers arrayed on four axes to gain a full picture of the tube ID.

This tool was developed for those furnaces that may require creep values and crack detection registered below the floor, have tubes that are touching and cannot be fully inspected from the OD, or simply to use the access to the inside for testing when it is available as a secondary confirmation of tube condition.

The results show the tube over the full circumference and in a 3-dimensional view. This information can be shown for single tubes, single rows or for the entire reformer.

ID based laser and EC testing takes less than two minutes per tube.