Automotive industry

Quality control components

The test instruments and systems from MP designed by FOERSTER for component quality control are used wherever wholly reliable and cost-efficient testing is required. Safety-relevant and function-critical components in the automotive industry are exposed to tremendous stresses. Flawless material is therefore crucial. Even the tiniest cracks in the material surface or the wrong degree of hardness can have serious consequences. FOERSTER test instruments for the automotive industry The flawless functionality of components can be guaranteed only through reproducible and reliable crack and micro-structure testing. The test systems developed by MP have been tailored to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. Highly-sensitive sensor solutions through to fully-automated eddy current test systems achieve 100% testing of a diverse range of components, including gearbox, engine, steering system and car body.

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY - Process-integrated quality assurance for metal components

Our chart shows all the components covered by our test instruments and systems. Click on the image to select a component and get more information about it.