Decades of experience

MP has been involved in the world of reformer pipe testing for almost 50 years now. Primary reformers are a key component of ammonia and methanol plants, as well as refineries, for example. In such plants, steam is reformed in vertically-installed reformer pipes.

High stresses call for reliable testing

These pipes from high-alloy centrifugal castings are exposed to extreme stresses. In order to trigger the chemical reaction, the pipes are externally fired. The high temperatures and pressures generated as a result place the material under tremendous stress. This can result in cracks and pipe expansions that can be detected only by special instruments.

Tried and proven solutions from MP for reformer pipe testing

The efficient LEO-SCAN tester is able to test up to 250 pipes per shift. The eddy currents penetrate through the entire wall thickness of the reformer pipes to make even the finest cracks visible. Other tests and measurements, such as the pigtail measurement, round out the range. Through regular testing, defects can be revealed and the danger level assessed at an early stage. Consequently, expensive downtimes caused by leaks can be significantly reduced and productivity can be increased.