Our experience

There are other reasons to go for MP, in addition to our high-quality products and seamless service.


Application consulting

To ensure the best possible advice for special customer enquiries, we have an application laboratory that is fitted with the latest equipment. This is where we can run various tests to precisely establish your requirements. We use the results to prepare a quotation tailored to your particular application.

We offer the following services in our application laboratory:

  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Creating customized solutions that with due consideration for your technical and organizational framework requirements
  • Optimizing the settings parameters of your testing system
  • Test runs for customer-specific hardware and software solutions developed in-house
  • Advice on applications

Application reviews for new test tasks can also be conducted in our laboratories. We constantly work on improving our products and creating new fields of application.


International network

Our company is a subsidiary of FOERSTER and therefore part of a global network. In addition, we have our own agents all over the world who guarantee proximity to our customers and ensure the best possible support. The contact address can be found in Contacts.